Dear Public Speaker

“Dear Speaker:

“Your ego has become a wall between yourself and me. You’re not really
concerned about me, are you? You’re mostly concerned about whether or not
this speech is really working . about whether or not you’re doing a good
job. You’re really afraid that I will not applaud, aren’t you? You’re afraid
that I won’t laugh at your jokes or cry over your emotional anecdotes. You
are so caught up in the issue of how I am going to receive your speech, you
haven’t thought much about me at all. I might have loved you, but you are so
caught up in self-love that mine is really unnecessary.
“If I don’t give you my attention it’s because I feel so unnecessary here.

When I see you at the microphone, I see Narcissus at his mirror . Is your
tie straight? Is your hair straight? Is your deportment impeccable? Is your
phraseology perfect?
You seem in control of everything but your audience. You see everything so
well [except] us. This blindness to us, I’m afraid, has made us deaf to you.

We must go now. Sorry. Call us sometime later. We’ll come back to you. when
you’re real enough to see us…after your dreams have been shattered…after
your heart has been broken…after your arrogance has reckoned with despair.

Then there will be room for all of us in your world. Then you won’t care if
we applaud your brilliance. You’ll be one of us.
Then you will tear down the ego wall and use those very stones to build a
bridge of warm relationship. We’ll meet you on that bridge. We’ll hear you
then. All speakers are joyously understood when they reach with

– Your Audience

Base on book of John C. Maxwell (Everyone Communicates few connect)



~ by Samuel Wirawibawa on August 25, 2013.

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