Sir Alex retirement..

He made the quip to players and backroom staff at Old Trafford — along with a plea for them to give their all for his successor.
Sir Alex said: “You’ve been fantastic servants to me. We’ve achieved some great things.
“And if all that we’ve done together means anything to you, there’s just one thing I’d ask of you all.
“After I’ve gone and we bump into each other, I don’t want to hear you call me Boss ever again.
“Call me anything but that. Call me whatever you’ve called me behind my back for years — but just not Boss.

All over-come … Sir Alex and Giggs on pitch
Richard Pelham
“You’ll have a new boss by then and he’s the only one you should call that.”
Fergie’s shock speech came hours before the news of his departure was officially announced on May 8.
A United source said: “It was a jaw-dropping moment. Here’s the best manager ever announcing he’s leaving and the foremost thing in his mind is making sure the way is clear for the new man.
“Nobody has been left in any doubt who is in charge next season.
“It sums Sir Alex up. He’s a one-off.

Emotional … Sir Alex looks choked by cheers
“Some of his staff were in tears. The players were stunned into silence. They’d all heard the rumours but nobody believed it would be true.”
Fergie bowed out yesterday after 26 years as Manchester United manager with a thrilling 5-5 draw against West Brom. Everton’s David Moyes is his replacement.
When the final whistle blew Sir Alex walked on to the West Brom pitch to deafening roars from all sections of the 26,500 crowd.


~ by Samuel Wirawibawa on June 4, 2013.

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