Your child’s needs aside, you must take responsibilty for what you do, too. On the stage of life, you are your child’s first acting coach and director, and what you do to and for her will shape her as much as her DNA does. When I meet such a child, I don’t think he’s being willful or spiteful. He’s just doing what his parents taught him. How did it happen? Every time their little boy whined, they stopped their adult conversation, picked him up, or started playing with him. Mum and Dad truly believed they were being “responsive”, but they didn’t realize the lesson their child was learning : oh I get it. Whining is a surefire way to get my parents’ attention. This phenomenon can begin in infancy and continue into early childhood, unless parents are aware of the impact of their own behavior. The consequences are increasingly serious, because toddlers quickly become proficient at manipulating their parents ~ Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg


~ by Samuel Wirawibawa on September 2, 2011.

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