Joyful in Hope ~ Joel Osteen

The person who truly trusts in God is compared to an eagle. The eagle has some pests, one of which is the crow. He’s always squawking, always causing the eagle trouble. The truth is we all have a few crows in our life. You may have an entire flock of them, along with a few chickens and turkeys as well!

Certain people can rub us the wrong way; they can irritate us if we allow them to. We need to take a lesson from the eagle instead. When the eagle is out flying, often a crow will come up right behind him and start to pester him, aggravating and annoying him. Although the eagle is much larger, he cannot maneuver quickly. To get rid of his pest, the eagle simply stretches out his eight foot wingspan and catches some of the thermal currents, and he rises up higher and higher. Eventually, he gets to an altitude where no other bird can live. The crow can’t even breathe up there. On rare occasions, eagles have been spotted at altitudes as high as 20,000 feet, nearly as high as a jet flies.

If you want to get rid of your pests, you need to rise higher. Don’t sink down to the opposition’s level. Be the bigger person. Overlook their faults. Walk in love and dare to bless even your enemies. In the long run, crows can’t competed with eagles.

Consider this:
You are an eagle, made in the image of the Almighty God. The turkeys, chickens, and crows cannot live at the altitude for which you were designed to soar. God is in complete control of your life. He’s promised that if you will remain at rest, He’ll make your wrongs right. He’ll bring justice into your life. You don’t have to worry, nor must you be controlled by your circumstances. You can do as the eagle and rise up above. What are the turkeys, chickens, and crows in your life right now? Write about them in the space below, then describe yourself, rising like the eagle you are above the temptations to pay back, to worry, to argue or turn cold

Key Truth : God wants you to learn to have peace in the midst of the storms so you can experience His best in your life.


~ by Samuel Wirawibawa on March 17, 2010.

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