Self Esteem..

You were born extremely confident. You came into this world knowing how wonderful you are. You were so perfect when you were a tiny baby. You didn’t have to do anything, you were already perfect, and you acted as if you were aware of that. You knew you were the center of the Universe. You weren’t afraid to ask for what you wanted. You freely expressed you emotions. You mother knew when you were angry; in fact, the entire neighborhood knew it. And when you were happy, your smile lit up the whole room. You were so full of love and confidence.

Little babies will die if they don’t get love. Once we’re older, we learn to live without love, but no baby will stand for that. Babies also love every inch of their bodies, even their won feces. They have no guilt, no shame, no comparisons. They know they’re unique and wonderful.

You were like that. Then somewhere during your childhood, your well meaning parents passed on their own insecure feelings and taught you feelings of inadequacy and fear. At that point, you began to deny you own magnificence. These thoughts and feelings were never true, and they certainly aren’t true now.

Love your self as it grows when you are a baby. Choose new thoughts to think about yourself, and choose new words to tell yourself how magnificent you are and that you deserve all the good that Life has to offer

Self esteem is merely feeling good about yourself, and when you do so, you develop confidence. Confidence then builds self esteem, each step feeds upon the other. Once you get the rhythm going, you can accomplish almost anything. Since self esteem is what you think about yourself, you have the freedom to think anything you want. So why would you want to belittle yourself?

You’ll never have good self esteem if you have negative thoughts about yourself at the same time ~ Louise L. Hay

~ Louise L. Hay


~ by Samuel Wirawibawa on November 26, 2009.

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